Thanks for choosing Sensimob for your field team management and communication needs!  The first step to using Sensimob is inviting your organization's users so they are available as contacts in the app.  There are two places you can invite new users:

1.  From the Map view:  Using the icon labeled "Invite" in the footer menu.

2.  From the Contacts view:  Using the single person icon in the top right of the header.

3.  Once you have selected the Invite icon you will be taken to the Invite Contact View.  If this is your first time here, you will be asked to authorize access to your phone's contacts.  Choose "Allow."

You are presented with a list of your phone's contacts.  If you have registered using your company's unique domain name, suggestions will be offered.    Select one of your contacts to send them an invitation email.

4.  If you would like to invite someone that is not in your phone's address book, you can choose the "Manual" option in the header.  You will be prompted for their full name and email address.  

5.  That's it!  Once your user's receive the invitation and register, they will be added to your organization!  If you are still having trouble with this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.